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Yes, Cleo Scott Brown wants us to actually talk about those subjects.  You know--those subjects we should talk about but don't because they can often make the audience or the students uncomfortable. Well it doesn’t have to be that way.

Finally someone has come along who has been gifted in presenting an often uncomfortable yet inspiring history in a manner that puts audiences at ease and leads them to a place of introspection and increased understanding of themselves and others. Weaving in stories from her and her father’s life, Cleo presents a history filled with lessons, wisdom and inspiration for the current generation.

At the root of America’s difficulty in meaningfully addressing race relations is the widespread lack of historical knowledge of what actually transpired between the races. Cleo uses her presentations and her book “Witness to the Truth” to narrow that gap of knowledge.  Cleo’s journey from the 10 year old praying each night for God to take her with him if “they” should come that night to kill the family to learning to see people beyond race has uniquely prepared her for this great mission of using history to generate insightful, meaningful discussions that lead to introspection and change.

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 History offers to us the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of past generations, recorded to protect us from repeating past mistakes.

Witness to the Truth

Ouachita Parish Library Summer  Adult Read Selection 2008

Click to read a portion of the story.        

Click to read a portion of the story.      


A moving and powerful autobiography....a sterling example of the power of an individual voice raised in protest, of what happens when one person unwaveringly insists on what is right and just.
— New Orleans Times Picayune


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