History Matters Reports

This page links you to past editions of THE HISTORY MATTERS REPORT, the monthly publication of History Matters Institute which is distributed via email. Thank you to my many readers for your support and for your emailed comments. 


The Slippery Slope to Genocide

America beginning the slow-step through the ten steps to genocide.

Truths about the influence of leadership learned from history. 

The anti-government sentiment generated by politicians and the unintended consequences.


Funeral Pic.jpg

Can a person in dying speak volumes to the living?

How a very small organization for 20 years has systematically challenged laws, including successfully gutting the Voting Rights Act, with a goal of removing all laws that provide legal protections to non-whites.

Lessons from history from a wise mother. 

Flint Crisis: Is Your Town Next?

The wide, wide reach of the new emergency managers who, when appointed by a governor, can legally take over a city and override the decisions of elected officials.

The Perfect Storm

The perfect storm that created this season where ethnic, religious, and class disharmony now reigns.   

Do We Still Need Black History Month? 

Answers to an age-old question.

Stop the Vote--By Any Means Necessary

An update on recent changes to reduce the number of people allowed to participate in the political process through voting.

Can We Leave the Past in the Past?

Should we really just leave the past in the past and not talk about what has happened? Should anyone be asked not to speak their truth?

OMG! The Last Jim Crow Generation is in Charge!

Reflecting on the last group of children to grow up under the Jim Crow system of legal separation and discrimination that is now is charge. 

10 Years Later: Hurricane Katrina Rages On

Reflecting on the cruel lessons learned about class and the value of life of people living in poverty.

Mourning the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act (Edition 13)

Why the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act was not the time for celebration as it should have been. 

Reaping What Has Been Sown (Edition 12)

Delving into the beliefs of the killer of nine people at Mother Emanuel in Charleston, SC. This essay provides insight into the organization and rhetoric that helped to shape the killer's racist beliefs.

Fathering Isn't Just for Fathers (Edition 11)

Guest essay from my son on the role of men in the lives of boys. 

I Really Wanted A BMW: Perils of Raising Sons (Edition 10)

My reflections on raising black sons in a world surrounded by people with expectations always substantially lower than mine. 

Brown People Are Bad (Edition 9)

What you learn without even realizing it--lessons from the preschooler who told me that brown people were bad and evil. 

What Did You Just Think?  (Edition 8)

Becoming aware of the impact of our automatic response system and taking the challenge to start thinking differently. 

Maybe I'd Rather Believe A Lie (Edition 7)

Every post about race always includes several "leave the past in the past" responses. What is the true cost of leaving the past in the past?

And Why Is MLK Day a National Holiday? (Edition 6)

Many people of all races, especially young adults, wonder what did Dr. King do that was so great that a whole country should set aside a day to reflect and acknowledge his work.  This newsletter addresses that question. 

Race Problems Start with Image (Edition 5)

Ruphert Murdoch, who owns much of what the world sees and reads, said “the fastest way to change how a person thinks in not through news, facts, and figures, but through entertainment”. This edition focuses on the impact of image in race disharmony.

This Election is More Important Than the Rest (Edition 4)

Why this election is more important than all the rest.

Have You Been Bought? (Edition 3)

The consequences of the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision & how you have been influenced

How Secure is Your Right to Vote? (Edition 2)

The gutting of the Voting Rights Act--the most dangerous Supreme Court Decision of our lifetime and most African Americans barely batted an eye.

History Matters Report (1st Edition)

As the daughter of a civil rights leader who was subjected to behaviors that reflected extreme racial hatred, it is now my mission to help people on the journey that must be taken to move toward seeing individuals beyond what we feel their race represents.